Broncolor Softboxes

Broncolor softboxes provide you with the flexibility you need to achieve premium-quality photography.

Softbox 35 x 60 cm (1.1 x 2 ft) 

The smallest of all Broncolor Softboxes is only a little larger than a standard reflector. The light is, of course, scattered, but with these small dimensions, cannot be considered soft. Due to the very homogeneous illumination it is outstandingly suited for use in product photography. 

The smallest Softbox is also very suitable for powerful and classical portraits. On location, for example at weddings, the compact Softbox can also be used without a stand as a hand-held chaser light.



Broncolor Softbox 60 x 60 cm (2 x 2 ft) 

The Universal: The smallest square Broncolor Softbox is the perfect all-rounder; its use makes good sense in most sectors of product and portrait photography. This size is still very compact, so the light is not too soft and perfect for powerful lighting.

Softbox 30 x 180 cm (1 x 5.9 ft) 

The Strip Softbox: The Striplite among the textile Boxes is perfect for illuminating edges in product photography and as a hair-light in the portrait and fashion fields. Powerful backlights to emphasise contours are possible; narrow reflections can be created in glossy surfaces.

Broncolor Softbox 100 x 100 cm ( 3.3 x 3.3 ft) 

The Middle One: The softer version of the compact 60 x 60. With an illuminated area just under three times larger, this Softbox provides a much softer light. As a soft backlight in food photography too, this Box in one of the most flexible light modifiers.


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