Posted 09/11/21

Broncolor Webinars Happening in November and December 2021!

Introduction to the Picolite + Accessories

Join broncolor for two insightful webinars on the Picolite and its accessories. The Picolite is broncolor’s smallest lamp. It is well known for the various and precise lighting options one can achieve with its complementary accessories. 

A Fresnel spot, a grid system, a soft light source and even a projecting attachment are available, all reduced in size and optimised for shooting small objects. In these sessions, you will uncover the unique potential and lighting possibilities offered by the Picolite. 

You may typically use this specialised ecosystem for small product photography, food photography or even portrait. 

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Discover the Picolite - 10.11.21 (Finished)

During this product-based webinar, you will understand the unlimited lighting effects you can create with the Picolite accessories. These include spot effects with different edge transfer, projection of light patterns, and razor-sharp lines.  Moreover, you can also achieve perfectly even highlights on shiny surfaces and spotlights with adjustable light angles.  Expect to be amazed!

Picolite in Action - 08.12.21

During this live shooting, you will discover the benefits of the Picolite and its unique accessories in an inspiring product commercial shoot. The combination of several Picolite accessories is a must for many commercial photographers. The detail level and the possibility to only highlight well-defined areas will help you to achieve outstanding results. Join us to learn all the benefits of this unique ecosystem.


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