Broncolor Remote Controls

Remote triggers for broncolor equipment. 

RFS 2.1 transmitter Kit 

Minimal power consumption and independent operability at 99 workstations with up to 99 studio addresses, thanks to digitally coded channels. For wireless triggering of broncolor Senso and Move as well as Scoro equipped with RFS 2.

Outdoors or in large halls, the operating distance of the broncolor RFS 2.1 is up to 200 m (656 ft), in closed rooms up to 50 m (164 ft).

The delay time is less than 400 0.425 ms.

With the RFS 2.1 Transceiver, you can also define and adjust the individual lamp outlets on the flash units and allows you to switch the modelling light on or off.

RFS 2.1 receiver Kit 

Broncolor RFS 2 Receiver, 1 lithium button cell CR 2450, 1 sync cable for camera
Radio transceiver with 99 studio addresses and 40 digitally coded frequency channels, which can be connected to broncolor units without a RFS 2.1 interface and to units of other brands (sync socket). 

In this way these units can be triggered by means of the RFS 2.1 transceiver (art. no. 36.133.00) from long distances. The transceiver is provided with a set button and two other buttons to activate additional options. 

The radio transceiver is supplied with a vast set of cables, an AC adapter (USB) for battery-free operation and a base plate.

RFS 2.1 transmitter/receiver Kit

The kit consists to two basic units ( transmitter and receiver), an extensive set of cables and an USB current supplier (incl. rechargeable batteries). 

With the transmitter/receiver kit it is possible to trigger any number of studio flash units from the camera

Broncolor Canon RFS 2.2 C Transmitter

Broncolor Nikon RFS 2.2 C Transmitter

Broncolor Sony RFS 2.2 C Transmitter


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