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Reflector P-Travel 

Standard aluminum reflector with Pulso bayonet mount.


Narrow angle reflector P45 

Narrow angle aluminum reflector with Pulso bayonet mount.


Standard Reflector P65

Broncolor standard reflector, slightly textured open reflector, optimised for Pulso G. The ideal light shaper for every situation, it has a high light output and a homogenous light distribution.

Broncolor Honeycomb grids for P50 (3 pieces)

Set of 3 pieces (fine, medium, coarse) for reducing the coverage angle


Barn door with 2 wings for P70 

Barn door with 4 wings for P65, P45 and PAR

With 4 wings, and 2 clips to fix diffusers, filters and masks

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Honeycomb Grids, Barn Doors, Filters, Diffusers, etc.


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