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Para is not a conventional light shaper, but rather an independent lighting system: various sizes of reflector are available; the position of the lamp is always central, on the axis of the reflector; the angle influences the character of the light; the range includes three diffusers with different densities as well as honeycomb grids. No other light shaper gives bodies, faces and products so much vividness.

Broncolor Para 88 Reflector

Smart, small and simple...The spectacular light modifiers Para 170 FB, 220 FB and 330 FB are now joined by the Para 88 is a continuation of the broncolor success story. 

With less than 6 kg the Para 88 is a lightweight with a super-compact design. It can easily be folded. The new Para 88 is even more mobile - perfect for outdoor shootings and smaller studios.

Para 88 HR Kit

The Broncolor Para 88 Reflector Kit. 


  • 1 Para 88 HR reflector
  • 1 Focusing tube F88
  • 1 Focusing device for Para 88 / 133 with tilt head and safety cable
  • 4 Suspension cable
  • 1 Flash Bag 2 without inlay
  • 1 Accessory Bag
  • 1 Mounting instructions

Broncolor Para 133 Reflector

The little giant. The big brother of the Para 88 and new member in the Para family is the Para 133. With its bigger size, you can get more 3D light. It has a new focusing system, which is lighter and more compact to transport. 

So you can go on location with a Para, and you have like every light shaper with you. You can focus to get a big amount of light. You can defocus, to get a nice 3D light. You can soften the light with the different diffusers or control the angle with the honeycomb grid. Para, one light shaper with unlimited options.

Para 133 HR Kit

The Broncolor Para 133 Reflector Kit.


  • 1 Para 133 HR reflector
  • 4 suspension cable for Para
  • 1 safety cable
  • 1 focusing device for Para 88/133
  • 1 focusing tube F133
  • 1 tilt head to Para 88-222
  • 1 Flash Bag 2 without inlay
  • 1 Accessory Bag
  • 1 mounting instructions

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