Broncolor Move Battery Packs/Kits

Perfect for photographers who prefer to shoot in outdoor locations, the Move Battery Packs and Kits are a light-weight and high-quality lighting solutions for professionals photographers!

Move 1200 L RFS 2.1

Photographers, whose life takes place more outdoors than in, will love it: the Move 1200 with Lithium battery.

A lightweight athlete! Expressed in figures, that is 1200 Joules of power from about 6 kg, and all no bigger than a camera bag.

The Broncolor Move is equipped with full asymmetry across two lamp connections, while at the same time having a control range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute colour stability thanks to the patented Broncolor ECTC technology, and flash times down to an impressive 1/20'000 s, which satisfies any imaginable photographic application.


Meet broncolor’s compact and lightweight champion for on-location work: the MobiLED. Its remarkably versatile construction features amongst other things a pan/tilt head for one-hand operation, an integrated umbrella holder as well as a bayonet mount giving you access to one of the world’s widest range of light shapers and accessories.

Paired with the Move L battery power pack, you will get a highly proficient dream team that lets you experience absolute freedom in mobility – anywhere. With the MobiLED photos and video in one session? No problem thanks to the 30 W LED modelling light in continuous light mode.

Rechargeable lithium battery for Move 1200 L

Broncolor Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Move 1200L.


Broncolor Move Kits

To be ready for shooting "on location" our Move 1200 L power pack is available as a kit also. Handy packed in a Outdoor trolley backpack, one MobiLED lamp, Move 1200 L protective bag, one Para 88 reflector, one Para 88 adapter as well as a daylight adapter. The Outdoor trolley backpack can be taken onboard as hand luggage.

Broncolor Move 1200 L Outdoor Kit 1

Broncolor Move 1200 L Outdoor Kit 2 

Broncolor Move 1200 L Outdoor Kit 

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