Broncolor Light Shapers for Small Heads

Pulso adapter for Mobilite 2 / Picolite

Broncolor Pulso Adapter for Mobilite 2/Picolite


Projection attachment for Picolite 

The projection attachment consists of a casing with a slide-in for aperture masks and gobo holder, integrated templates (set of 4 pieces) and a corrected projection lens 100 mm. For an even illumination, use the enclosed protecting glass, mat on both sides.

Attachment with 3 honeycomb grids and 2 aperture masks for Mobilite 2 / Picolite

Broncolor Picolite Accessory Kit 

Perfection is in the details. With its four sophisticated and complementing light shapers, the Picolite Accessory Kit allows you to unleash the full potential of your Picolite. These are classic light shapers, reduced in size that enable the highest precision and light control on even the smallest sets.

Unlimited lighting effects can be created thanks to the kit, including spot effect with different edge transfer, projection of light patterns, and razor-sharp lines. 

Moreover, you can also achieve perfectly even highlights on shiny surfaces and spotlights with adjustable light angles.

Barn door with 4 wings for Mobilite 2 / Picolite 


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